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Sobre Software House, brings together independent specialists who have joined forces, to implement comprehensive and advanced internet projects together. Many years of experience, knowledge and creativity have allowed us to build team focused on creating the best solutions.

Our experience

Sobre has been thriving on the media market since 2009. Government and commercial organizations have trusted us. We've created dozens of websites and portals for small and large companies. We have implemented huge internet, training and consulting projects including: image building and brand creation on the web, social media marketing or development of entrepreneurship thanks to on-line tools. We have created an innovative brand development platform on the Internet.

We found ourselves among specialists who directly presented internet marketing methods and strategies to Polish entrepreneurs. This means that we understand the market, because in addition to our knowledge, we have directly learned the needs and challenges that apply to small, medium-sized and global corporations.

With a wide base of observations, know-how from our industry and constantly built knowledge about current solutions and trends, we are ready to help your company achieve more.

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